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Browse our ever-evolving list of unique and classic crystals; all specially curated by our knowledgeable staff.

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These banded, glassy stones are great at eliminating any negative energies transforming them into positive. Agate is also a good choice for students as it enhances mental functions, analytical abilities and perception; it also improves concentration. This diverse stone can also help deal with any inner emotional turmoil by soothing rage and anxiety and promoting a secure and peaceful environment. 

Agate is often dyed for aesthetic purposes but the dye does not hinder or change the rock's natural properties. Naturally, agate is a neutral brown or gray color.

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This ocean colored stone exudes very soothing and balancing energies. It is a stone of truth, harmony, and communication. Thanks to it's soothing properties it is a great healing stone, especially for emotional or mental traumas. Amazonite is also known for being a stone of abundance and fortune and so is great for attracting success and/or money. 



One of the most popular crystals out there and for good reason. Amethyst is a beautiful bright purple crystal that is perfect for meditation and healing. As part of the quartz family, it has a plethora of properties but the most distinct of them is tranquility, peace, and calmness. 

The name amethyst translate into "not-intoxicated" and is rich with Greek history.  It also is traditionally the birthstone for February. 



True to its name, angelite is an angelic stone; great for helping in communication and connections with angels and other ascended beings. Angelite is a very compassionate and soothing stone with its peaceful light blue sky color. Ideal for any emotional relaxing, healing, and meditation. 



The blue apatite is a powerful motivator, helping in manifestation and inspiration. It is also great for expanding knowledge and activating psychic abilities. This is a great stone for planning and setting up your desired future and encouraging you to get there. Apatite is popular for bringing clarity and truth, making this stone an ideal tool in your life. 



This breathtaking stone is closely associated with the sea and so holds many of the same properties of it; namely strong cleansing power. Aquamarine aids in relaxation and letting go of harmful things. This stone is also used in promoting courage, confidence, and inner strength. It is very nurturing and can activate and support the third eye.  

Aquamarine is the stone for Pisces, aiding in their natural personality traits. 



This unique looking mineral is perfect for any spiritual endeavors. It is deeply connected to earth and aids in Kundalini activation. It promotes feelings of peace, tranquility, emotional balance, and  patience. With this stone's connection to Earth it is a great choice for grounding and de-stressing. Aragonite is often used to help achieve higher states of consciousness and awaken psychic abilities. 

Aragonite is one of two of the most common minerals in fossils. 



These lustrous stones are strongly connected to the spiritual realm, capable of aiding in meditation, astral projection, and clairvoyance. It is used oftenly to achieve higher levels of consciousness and develop a connection to the spiritual realm and any entities within. This wonder crystal will aid in any manifestation efforts, giving you a link to your possible futures. 

Connected to both the third eye and throat chakras, its said that arfvedsonite stones with more intense blue flashes are better for the third eye specifically. 

Aura Quartz


The iridescent beauty of this crystal is sure to amaze along with its powerful healing and clarifying properties. This is a great stone to help quiet your mind and bring peace to your emotions, greatly aiding in meditation. It has an energy of innocence, compassion and sweetness, lending itself helpful in working with children, healing, and new relationships. 

To achieve its incredible iridescence, clear quartz is bonded with several types of metals usually platinum, gold, silver, and indium.  



This stone comes in a variety of colors, but most commonly green. The vibrant green of aventurine emits energies of prosperity, abundance, and wealth. Its a very masculine feeling stone as it promotes feelings of confidence, leadership, decisiveness, courage, and strength. A well-rounded stone, aventurine is also used in dealings with the heart chakra and healing. It can soothe and bring harmony to a person or area.

The name aventurine is a derivative of an Italian word meaning "by chance", named due to the lucky circumstances of its discovery. 


Bird's Eye Rhyolite

These stones are very fiery, exuding strong creative energies and passion. This stone helps reveal the bigger picture and truth of a situation. It is a very physical stone and so is used in many healing workings. Despite its fiery properties, it is also used to promote peace and tranquility. On another note this stone is also used to help remember dreams.


Black Tourmaline

One of the most popular and powerful grounding stones, an empath's dream companion crystal. Along with grounding, this stone is great for protection and warding off negative energies or thoughts; as well as cleansing an area. Tourmaline is the perfect stone to start off with or add to any collection. 

Black Amber

black amber.jpg

Black amber shares all of the same properties as amber (luck, clarity, emotional balance, healing, and peace,) but with a stronger emphasis on protection and warding. This transparent stone is great at absorbing and transmuting negative energies; its also known to create a shield to dispel any unwanted attention or energies. Thanks to its black coloring it holds a lot of properties associated with that color such as grounding and cleansing. 

If you hold black amber up to a light source it will glow a variety of oranges and reds. 


Black Moonstone

Black moonstone carries many of the same properties as other varieties of moonstone but will the added benefits of its black coloring; protection and grounding. This stone can be used for many workings including: fertility, cleansing, creativity, and intuition. As the name suggests, this beautiful stone is deeply connected with the moon and its energies and so is popular for any full or new moon rituals or spells. 

Moonstone is the Florida state gemstone, designated to commemorate the moon landings.  


Black Onyx

These are very powerful stones to have in your collection, offering some of the best protection out of all our stones. Along with protection, black onyx is great for willpower, strength, courage, and focus. This black stone is able to absorb any negative or overwhelming energies and/or feelings; great for empaths and emotional healing. 

Black Opal


This is a very deep cleansing and healing stone. Its effects resonate on a soul level, keeping your emotions and spiritual body protected and restored. Black opal is great for any aura cleansing/clearing and acting as a protective shield around it. These are also great stones for overcoming anxiety and shyness, granting one confidence and courage. If you have fear facing something this is the perfect stone to carry with you as it helps quell any fears you may feel. 

Opals are the stone for the zodiac sign Libra. We carry Madagascar black opal. 



As the name of this stone suggests, bloodstone is known for many dealings with blood; purification, stopping bleeding, and removing toxins. This stone is used oftenly for healing, grounding, and as protection from negative energies. Bloodstone is said to bring out the most altruistic characteristics of a person; holding properties of sacrifice and courage. This is also a revitalizing stone, energizing the wearer and promoting motivation. Its said that magicians used bloodstone to grant invisibility or bring rain. 

A Christian tradition says the red spots come from the blood of Jesus' crucifixion falling upon the stone. 

Blue Albite w Rubellite


As a combined stone, it holds two different stone properties. Blue albite's properties include improving memory, knowledge, insight, wisdom, and increasing psychic abilities. It is a great stone for inducing lucid and vivid dreams. Albite is also used to increase courage. Rubellite is a powerful love and relationship stone, said to boost ones understanding and depth of love. It enhances compassion and assists in being lively and sociable, creating a love for all people. This stone also has pyroelectric properties, able to protect one from radiation and shocks.  

Rubellite is actually a variety of tourmaline, differing from pink tourmaline in coloration (rubellite is a much more vivid and pinkish-red.)


Blue Aventurine

These stones are incredibly calming and soothing, resonating with your mind and heart. Blue aventurine is a stone of self discipline, quiet strength, and willpower. It is very pure and beautiful, making it a great partner for meditation This stone is also great for creativity, decision-making, and manifestation.

Blue Calcite


Blue calcite is a very mature and spiritual stone, aiding in emotional intelligence and psychic abilities. It is used to heal spiritual and emotional traumas. Its very relaxing and soothing, great for meditation and dreams, or overcoming anxiety. Blue calcite is a great stone to keep around the house to keep the atmosphere peaceful; or place it on your altar or workspace to enhance your connection with the spiritual realm and boost communication. 

Calcite is an extremely old mineral, making up most of the fossils we see today. Due to its age, its been used for many purposes, one of which from the ancient Egyptians who crafted many beautiful items out of it due to the relation they believed it had to their goddess Bast. 

Blue Chalcedony

blue chalcedony.jpg

This ethereal blue stone is a great mental stone, boosting memory, critical-thinking, communication, and listening. A great stone for students or any tasks that require enhanced mental functions. The blue coloring is very nurturing and soothing bringing the body, mind, and spirit into harmony. It is a very happy stone, promoting peace and contentedness, and compassion and kindness.


Blue chalcedony is sometimes referred to blue chrysoprase (if the coloring is strong enough). Many stones are actually varieties of chalcedony such as: carnelian, bloodstone, moss agate, and onyx. 

Blue Kyanite

blue kyanite.jpg

One of the most powerful throat chakra stones, blue kyanite is great for all areas of communication and self-expression. It can help quell fears and anxiety, making it a perfect stone for public speaking. It can help bring balance and harmony to your social life and relationships. Blue kyanite is also a very vibrationally high stone, great for meditation and other spiritual works such as dreamwork and astral projection. This is a perfect stone for opening up socially, spiritually, and mentally. 

Aside from its striking color and shape, one of kyanite's most defining characteristics is its hardness depending on which direction you test it. For example if you scratch kyanite horizontally along its long side it will scratch easily; but if you scratch it vertically along the short side it won't be marked. 

Blue Quartz.jpg

Blue Quartz

Blue quartz is like a friend during dark times helping lift you up and shielding you from any further attacks. This stone is immensely soothing and caring, gently pushing you to improve yourself and life. It calms and relaxes, aiding in meditation and stressful situations. It can help promote creativity and vibrates so soothingly that, if placed in any room, intstantly makes that room a perfect, safe, space to create and heal. 

Blue Tiger's Eye

Blue Tiger Eye.jpg

These stones are great at harmonizing feminine and masculine energies, as well as easing anxieties and relaxing the mind. Blue tigers eye is a good stone for dealing with symptoms of depression and fatigue. As with its more common variation, brown tiger's eye, it holds properties of protection, grounding, and perseverance. 

Blue tiger's eye is also commonly referred to as hawk's eye. 



Bronzite instills courage and confidence, lending a firm but gentle hand in facing life's challenges. This is a very earthy stone, able to keep you grounded and clear-minded. It also resonates properties of compassion and positivity, enabling you to make decisions from a much more loving and kind place. 

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