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Browse our ever-evolving list of unique and classic crystals; all specially curated by our knowledgeable staff.

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Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone.jpg

This delightful stone is all about positive emotions. It will encourage you to think more deeply about your feelings and more easily identify and accept them. This stone will ask you to accept the kindness of the universe and be appreciative of the gifts you have and will continue to receive. It teaches you to love yourself and encourages you to be your most authentic self. Thanks to its moonstone properties it is also a stone for femininity, fertility, and any female specific issues. 

Moonstone has been around for a very long time; used most prominently for precious jewelry. 

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Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore.jpg

This eye-catching ore is a stone of happiness and joy. The beautiful mash of colors will bring you positivity and balance. It is a great stone if you work with others and need to stay compassionate and loving. It is said to bring harmony to you physcial and spiritual body, keeping you centered and healthy. This stone is also said to connect you with higher realms of consciousness, and cleanse your spiritual work area. 

Peacock ore is also known as "bornite."



This beautiful and bright stone vibrates with pure joy, warmness, light, and friendliness. It will dissipate any strong negative feelings you have such as jealousy, anger, or resentment. It opens your mind and heart to new understandings. If you need a change in perspective then this stone will help you get there as it gives you the ability to "walk in another person's shoes."

Peridot is the August birthstone. It has also been used since the Middle Ages to cure depression and encourage open-heartedness.



This soft and delicate stone is known for its connection with angels. If you are interested in angel work or feel like there is a message you need to receive, this stone is the one to help you. It will open up your awareness and create an environment where you can safely communicate with your angel guides. This sweet stone can also be tough and protect you from an negative energies, dark forces, and other energies you do not want around.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood.jpg

This is a mineral of ancient power and wisdom. It will help you access your past lives and the akashic records. This stone will help you reach higher levels of consciousness and deepens your knowledge of the universe. It is a very popular stone among healers as its imbedded wisdom aids in healing work of past lives, physical body, and spiritual body. Petrified wood will make you feel safe and secure, feeling much like a protective guardian guiding you through life.

Petrified wood is actually a fossil, forming from vegetations turning to stone. The vegetative cells within the plant mineralize and create a perfect replica of the plant. 

Pink Amblygonite

Pink Amblygonite.jpg

As with other amblygonites, the traces of lithium within naturally brings calmness and peace to the mind and body. The pink color variation will promote compassion, love, and creativity. It will aid in any healing work you do for yourself or for others. Its a gentle, loving energy that will be a helping hand in all areas of your life. Pink amblygonite will also stabilize overwhelming emotions and promote a clearer mind.

You can often find amblygonite with tourmaline, lepidolite, and apatite. 

Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst.jpg

Pink amethyst shares all of the same properties as its more common purple counterpart but there is more emphasis on certain aspects. Pink amethyst resonates more with self love and cleansing. It is also a very soothing stone that will calm your mind, emotions, and sadness and grief. It is said to increase your intuition and other spiritual and psychic abilities. It is a graceful stone that promotes understanding, compassion, and trust. 

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It has also been considered a stone of royalty and so was often made into jewelry and used to decorate regalia. 

Pink Jasper

Pink Jasper.jpg

This charming stone is a great empowering stone for your mental well-being. It will make it so you can assert yourself and compassionately get your point across. It can relieve stress, fear, frustration, and guilt. It is a great booster for emotions, lifting your spirits and building confidence. Pink jasper is connected to the heart chakra and so can be used to heal and activate it.

Jasper is a very popular and historic stone being used for hundreds of year in jewelry and decorative pieces.

Pink Opal.jpg

Pink Opal

This sweet pink stone will bring peace and tranquility to your mind and emotions. It will soften and open your heart up to healing and new love. It is believed to be one of the stones most connected to your heart. This stone brings hope and opportunity, giving you the courage to tackle challenges with a compassionate and gentle perspective. Pink opal is a great stone for new relationships and strengthening love, desire, and passion.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline.jpg

This stone is perfect for aiding in any emotional and mental troubles such as anxiety, depression, stress, and grief. It will mend a broken heart and promote self love and healing. Pink tourmaline is a love stone which promotes feelings of compassion, kindness, and commitment. Some believe this stone to act as an aphrodisiac and say it attracts love.

Pink tourmaline is also known as "rubellite" and is the most valuable of all the tourmaline varieties. 

Purple Sphalerite

Purple Sphalerite.jpg

This unique stone activates all three of your lower chakras. Its an encouraging stone that will boost your courage, confidence, and motivation. It is also uplifting, bringing light and healing to your life. This is a very well-rounded stone able to do accomplish any task you set out for it. It can balance, ground, and empower you. As well as bring creativity and energy into your life. 

Sphalerite is named after the Greek word for "deceiving;" named that because of the difficulty of identifying it. 



This happy purple stone resonates with the higher energies. It will raise your consciousness and connect you to the higher realms. It boosts your intuition and psychic abilities as well as boosting mental functions. Carrying this stone around will improve your public speaking, confidence, and analytical abilities. This stone will make decision making easier and allow you the assertiveness to voice and put them into action. 



Pyrite is a great stone for healing as it can stimulate cell growth and repair. It is able to keep your physically and spiritually stable and balanced, shielding you from negative energies. It promotes positive energy and can rid you of all unwanted and negative emotions. Pyrite is also known as "fool's gold" and so is used in manners of success, abundance, and prosperity. Its golden metallic shine can be used as a metaphor for money in spells, and will boost feelings of empowerment and happiness. 

Pyrite is known historically to be a sacred stone that will prevent and protect from evil, black magic, and demons. 

Que Sera

Que Sera.jpg

This beautifully unique stone harbors the energies of the Earth. The soft warm tones help to ground and bring a nurturing feeling to a space. It is a great stone for connecting with Mother Nature and seeking Earthly wisdom and guidance through meditation. Que Sera will help you find your joy in life, giving you motivation to explore new hobbies and challenging opportunities. Its energy will uplift you and allow you to see the good in everyone and everything. This stone will also aid you in any manifestation journey you are on, guiding you to the right steps to take to achieve your goals.

Que Sera is a popular saying and song; it translates to "what will be." 

Rainbow Amethyst

Rainbow Amethyst.jpg

Rainbow amethyst is a crystal of higher consciousness and vibrations. It will help you communicate with angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters. If you seek help with astral projection, lucid dreaming, and past life regression then this is the stone to pick up. Some even say this stone will help you reach and browse the akashic records. Rainbow amethyst is also great for connecting with your higher self so that you can heal from past traumas and have a guide for your daily life.

Rainbow amethyst does not naturally occur and is instead made by treating amethyst crystals with platinum, silver, and/or titanium. This man-made process does not alter the potency of the crystal's properties however as the components used all have special unique spiritual properties. 

Rainbow Jasper

rainbow jasper.PNG

Rainbow jasper shares many properties with other jasper varieties but with heavier focus on creativity and soothing. It is a great stone for bringing peace to your mind, body, spirit, and home space. It can be a great tool for meditating as while soothing you it can also protect you from any unwanted experiences and energies. It is a stone of action and facing challenges, giving you the courage to get what needs to be done, done. As well as giving you the ability to think of more creative solutions to your problems and keep your mind fresh and ready for the day.

There are quite of few varieties of jasper, the colors range seeming endless. Funnily, there are some crystals referred to as jasper that are not jasper at all and some crystals without the label that really are!

Rainbow Moonstone

rainbow moonstone.jpg

This is a great well-rounded psychic stone. It is deeply connected with the moon (as the name suggests) and carries many feminine properties. This stone can be used for fertility, abundance, and emotional stability. Its will promote and boost psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and prophetic visions. It is said that it will reveal what has not yet been seen and show you what will help you on your journey. Its a stone of mental clarity, focus, creativity, balance, and hope. If there is a situation you are unsure of and things aren't all that clear, rainbow moonstone will help you see and learn what you need to know so you can overcome.

Romans believed that moonstone was actual solidified rays of moonlight. The shine and shimmer iridescence these stones produce will definitely make you think the same. 

Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine.jpg

Red aventurine is a great stone of motivation; it will motivate you in all areas of your life. It will physically keep you strong willed and prepared for any athletic challenge or other physical event. It will bring you the courage to take actions towards you manifestation goals and dreams. It boosts self confidence and fearlessness, giving you the opportunity to seize every moment. This stone is incredibly vitalizing and constantly filling you with energy that will make you feel like you can conquer the world.

The glimmery effect of aventurine is called "aventurescence."

Red Calcite

red calcite.jpg

Staying true to the characteristics and energies of the color red, red calcite promotes confidence, courage, joy for life, and increased energy. This stone will improve your zest for life, making you want to take on more challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities. Red calcite can bring out the leader in you, giving you self assuredness and confidence to share your ideas and opinions with others. Along with all of this productive energy, red calcite will ground you and insure your personal and emotional boundaries. 

Calcite is an extremely old mineral, making up most of the fossils we see today. Due to its age, its been used for many purposes, one of which from the ancient Egyptians who crafted many beautiful items out of it due to the relation they believed it had to their goddess Bast.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper.jpg

As with other jaspers, red jasper has many properties and is a very well-rounded stone capable of filling any role or need. It is most well known for its soothing energy and promotion of tranquility, confidence, and creativity. This stone will bring a sense of wellbeing and trust in yourself. It is a great mood stabilizer helping you maintain composure in times of stress, anxiety, and depression. It will keep you balanced, relaxed, and calm. 

Red is the most common color variety that jasper comes in; this color is caused by iron inclusions within the stone.

Red Tiger's Eye

Red Tiger's Eye.jpg

Red tiger's eye harnesses the energies of its red coloring more than most stones. This stone is very fiery and masculine, perfect for any spells or workings where assertiveness and confidence is needed. It will promote self-assuredness, motivation, sex drive, passion, energy, and strength. Its a go-to stone for any dealings with passionate love, or boosting your self image and confidence. Red tiger's eye will push you to set goals and achieve them. The driving energy of this stone is a great tool to help you manifest your dreams. 

All varieties of tiger's eye are believed to ward of the evil eye.



This stunning stone resonates with love and balance. It is known to heal sadness and traumas, especially those concerning matters of the heart. It will replace grief and mourning with love and compassion. It is a very sweet stone, that along with stimulating and activating the heart, can ground and protect you. The black bands within rhodonite will insure that your newly healed heart will not be hurt again. It will keep you from getting too swept up in your feelings, and allow you to sit back and enjoy all the new sensations your heart desires. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz.jpg

Rose quartz has to be the most popular love stone around. Its bright and beautiful pink coloring promotes the most joyful and sensitive love that can be felt. Those who are searching for new love will benefit from having rose quartz around. Its said that this stone acts a beacon for love, calling all those who wish to love to it. Rose quartz is also known for its feminine and motherly qualities. It is used oftenly in fertility and especially pregnancy spells. It will connect you to higher a consciousness and connect you with nature and all things living. Rose quartz is also used to heal deep traumas and emotional instability,

Rose quartz has a very rich history, being used as jewelry for hundreds of years for its beautiful color and people's belief in its love attracting power.

Ruby in Kyanite

Ruby in Kyanite.jpg

This is a very spiritually advance stone, aiding you in any kind of spiritual growth and your own personal spiritual journey. It is used for its ability to aid in astral projection, shamanic journeys, and dreamwork. Ruby in kyanite is perfect for anyone seeking to boost their psychic abilities and experience other realms of reality and consciousness. This stone will also give courage and confidence which aids in your work and journey as well as it gives you the will and drive to tackle the unknown and explore deeper meanings to life.

Ruby in Zoisite

Ruby in Zoisite.jpg

Just like other "ruby in..." variants, ruby in zoisite is deeply spiritual. It will unlock psychic abilities and boost what was already prevalent. This stone aids in astral travel and dream work, helping you explore new dimensions and realms of reality. It is also a healing stone, primarily a healer of emotions. It alleviates depression, grief, sadness, and despair. It will stabilize any other overwhelming and unwelcomed feelings as well.  Ruby in zoisite also promotes joy, opportunity, passion, and individuality. 

Ruby in zoisite is also known as "anyolite" and the beautiful contrasting colors of red and green make is a staple in aesthetic jewelry and decor.

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