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Browse our ever-evolving list of unique and classic crystals; all specially curated by our knowledgeable staff.

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Hematite is one of the most popular grounding stones. It gives strength, protection, courage, and stability. It will absorb negative energies, acting as a protective shield around you. This stone also stimulates mental functions; boosting memory, concentration, and original thinking. It connects you will Earth, which helps with its grounding abilities. 

Hematite was once used as a setting piece in "mourning jewelry." There is also a synthetic kind of "magnetic hematite" known as hematine.

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This stone is a great companion for when you feel weak or vulnerable. It is a helping hand, getting you through tough times by offering support and protection spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Hiddenite encourages joy, love, forgiveness, and gratitude. It helps soothe symptoms of anxiety and stress, as well as addiction. 

Hiddenite is also known as "lithia emerald" and is a variety of spodumene. 

Indigo Gabbro

Indigo Gabbro.jpg

This unique stone can both ground and lift you up. It activates the third eye and crown chakras, while simultaneously keeping you from getting to absorbed into them. Indigo gabbro is also a powerful healing stone, healing you both physically and spiritually. As a very spiritually centered stone, it will awaken your psychic abilities and connect you to your higher self. It can also aid in past life regression and astral travels. 

Most of the Earth's crust is made up of gabbro. Gabbro is chemically equivalent to basalt, both varieties of igneous rock. 

kambaba jasper.jpg

Kambaba Jasper

This is a stone of peace and tranquility. It will dispel negative energies and remove blockages from several areas of your life. Kambaba jasper also helps and encourages you along your spiritual journey, as well as boosting your confidence and desire for life. It will ease feelings of fear, worry, and stress. 

It is often incorrectly assumed that kambaba jasper is a stromatolite fossil, but it is in fact composed of quartz and other igneous rocks. 



This sweet pink stone relates to all dealings of the heart. It will connect your heart to your mind, helping you make decisions with a more compassionate and loving perspective. It will heal heartache and grief, as well as encourage new love and relationship experiences. This stone will also cleanse negative energies and help with general house cleansing. It will also calm harsh emotions and promote joy and peacefulness. 

Kunzite is highly valued for its beautiful coloring and is often paired with diamonds in jewelry. 

Black Kyanite


This interesting stone is soothing, stabilizing, and grounding. It is perfect for anyone looking to improve their psychic abilities but in a well-guided and safe way. This stone will activate the third eye chakra and help with inducing visions and clairvoyance. It helps with dream recall and reaching meditative states. It can also lend aid during uncomfortable or hard times; helping you remain at peace.

One of kyanite's most defining characteristics is its hardness depending on which direction you test it. For example if you scratch kyanite horizontally along its long side it will scratch easily; but if you scratch it vertically along the short side it won't be marked. 



This is a great mental stone, but in a deep and spiritual sense. It will promote inner reflection, intuition, emotional depth, and a plethora of psychic abilities. It encourages you to continue chasing after your dreams, aiding you in your manifestations. This stone will reduce anxiety and stress, keeping you feeling calm. 

The most noticeable characteristic of labradorite is its breathtaking iridescence. When held in the light it reflects a variety of beautiful colors. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli.jpg

Lapis is probably most well known for its connection to the throat chakra and therefore communication and creativity. It aids in symptoms of stress and anxiety; promoting peace, harmony, and strength. It is surprisingly effective at protecting you from negative energies. This stone encourages prosperity, higher levels of consciousness, confidence, and positive change. 

Lapis Lazuli is a very ancient stone with references all throughout history. Its been noted in the Neolithic era, referenced in The Old Testament, and seen in Ancient Egypt.  



This is a perfect stone for improving your inner strengths and feelings. It encourages creativity, wisdom, intellect, and psychic abilities. It offers protection and a boost to intuitive ability. It is said to help recall past lives and help you communicate with your higher levels of consciousness. 

Larvikite is sometimes referred to as "blue pearl granite" and used as a decorative stone. 

Lemon Quartz.jpg

Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz is a very joyful and bright stone. The yellow coloring promotes feelings of optimism and creativity. It brings clarity and dispels confusion and harmful distractions. This stone will help you overcome depression and replace those feelings with zest for life, wanting to express yourself, and hope. If you are looking for a little pep in your step this is the perfect stone. 

Lemurian Crystal

Lemurian Crystal.jpg

The Lemurian quartz crystal is an ancient and powerful stone. It is said to come from an ancient place called Lemuria; a home to a spiritually advanced civilization. They had foreseen a cataclysmic event that would leave their home lost to time and so to preserve their culture and traditions they prepped these Lemurian crystal to hold their collective knowledge. They seeded these crystals with ancient knowledge and wisdom. 

These crystals carry an unbelievably high vibration, aiding you in your spiritual journey and boosting psychic abilities. It can help you delve deeper into your consciousness accessing ancient wisdom that can help you heal your spiritual life and body. This stone will unify the energies in your soul and holds a close connection to the divine feminine. 



These peaceful lilac and rose colored stones are extremely soothing and tranquilizing. This stone promotes deep emotional healing and mood stabilizing. It will put your mind at ease and give you a much needed emotional reset. It is a perfect meditation and sleep stone. It will pull out the greatest good from you and dispel any negative energies within. Lepidolite is your go to stone for unwinding from a tough day or as a soothing friend for daily challenges. 

Lepidolite is the most abundant lithium-bearing stone but the beautiful colors are attributed to manganese. 

Lightning Stone

Lightning Stones.jpg

Better known as "thunder stones" these ancient stones have a lot of history. It is said that they appear during a storm from flashes of lightning, the stroke signifying its descent to the ground. It is a protective stone that will protect a person or house from lightning as well as any unwanted beings and evils. It will bring luck and healing properties to a household. It has historically been used to also prevent animals from experiencing nightmares. It also has uses in warding off the evil eye and as a stand in idol for godly worships. 

During the Middle Ages it was believed that thunderstones were fashioned as weapons in Heaven and so these stones were appointed as divine and used in weapons to instill the wielder with safety, success, and immunity to fear and nightmares.  



This sacred stone holds many powerful energies of manifestation and fertility. It is a symbol of the power of the universe and within you. It is great for boosting confidence and sexuality. If you need help getting creative energy flowing this stone is a great pick. It encourages independence, uniqueness, and self acceptance. It is an emblem of generative power, a great tool to add in any spell or working that you need an extra boost in. Lingam is also a great mental stone, improving memory and expanding your consciousness. 

These sacred stones are only found in the Narmada River in India, one of their most holy sites. 

Mahogany Obsidian.jpg

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany obsidian is a great stone for protection, strength, and healing. It will keep you strong while recovering from trauma and other severe stresses, as well as helping you heal from it. This stone will also dispel any other negative energies and act as a shield for your spirit. It is used oftenly to cut ties from people who are no longer serving your highest good and keeps bonds with those who are strong. This magnificent stone also aligns the sacral and root chakras. 



This powerful stone is known as the "stone of transformation" as it helps you grow into the person you are meant to be and will shed off any traumas and negative energies holding you back. It resonates with your personal spiritual guidance and reflects those messages into your waking reality. It aligns the heart chakra and opens you up to giving and receiving unconditional love. Historically it has been used for its powerful protective properties, keeping children safe from nightmares and wearers safe from danger. It has also been worn with an engraving of the sun to prevent depression. 

In Ancient Egypt it was associated with the powers of death and resurrection. They also believed the afterlife held an eternal paradise known as the "Field of Malachite" that mirrored their lives but free from pain and suffering. 

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper.jpg

This interesting stone has many useful properties from physical healing and mental functions, to spiritual grounding. Its known as a stone of youthfulness, keeping the wearer looking and feeling young. It also nurtures and soothes the heart and mind during stressful times. It helps you feel whole and at peace; it brings clarity to your decision-making, keeping you objective and smart about your actions and thoughts. 

Mookaite can only be found in Western Australia, making it a rare stone to see.



This is a very sweet, innocent, and deeply soothing stone. Morganite will calm your entire heart, mind, and body bringing you into a deep peaceful and meditative state. The glassy pink color of this stone resonates with new and exciting love. It brings an air of fun and joy into relationships, able to make you feel butterflies just by looking at your partner. This stone brings compassion, healing, and reassuring energies into your life. 

One of the largest pieces ever found was in Maine and has been dubbed "The Rose of Maine."

Moss Agate

Moss Agate.jpg

Moss agate is a stone of new beginnings; aiding you in manifestation and bringing abundance and balance. It is a great stone for those who need help controlling overwhelming emotions like anger and frustration or sadness. It promotes tranquility, creativity, and persistence. This special agate also connects you to nature and strengthens your soul.

It has also historically been called "mocha stone."

Nephrite Jade

Nephrite Jade.jpg

This deep, beautiful, green stone is a fantastic tool for meditation and dream work. It can help you fall asleep faster and more peacefully along with giving you more vivid dreams and aiding in dream recall. Its soothing properties are also great for mediation, bringing balance and stability. This stone can help you realize the meanings behind certain events in your life and give you the strength to take on more challenges. 

Nephrite jade has been known since the Neolithic stone era. This stunning stone was used in many tools and amulets. 



This classic stone is a very powerful cleanser and protector. It will keep you shielded from all negative energies and psychic attacks. Obsidian will also absorb any negativity you may harbor or come across; keeping you and the areas around you cleansed and safe. This stone is also known for its grounding properties, helping you take a closer look into your inner self and reflect. As with most of our crystals, obsidian will soothe stress and tension you experience. It also carries properties of compassion, strength, and healing. 

Obsidian's edges can be very sharp and so are often used as knives and other tools. Small pebbles of obsidian are called "apache tears." 

Ocean Jasper.jpg

Ocean Jasper

As you may guess from the name of this stone, ocean jasper is connected with the ocean and nature. Its balancing and peaceful, bringing tranquility and the same feelings you'd get from standing on the beach by the shore. This stone is also said to cure seasickness and aids in travel of any kind. It will connect you with Earth and nature, keeping you going with the flow of life and its troubles. Its a stone of joy and positivity. 



Opalite is a soft and subtle healing stone. It vibrates with joy, innocence, and spirituality. Its a perfect stone for meditating and improving your connection to the divine. It creates an environment of sweetness and serenity. This stone will also improve your communication skills both in daily life and with spiritual guides. Opalite will boost your intuition and self reflection, giving you a deeper look into your spiritual journey. 

Opalite is a man-made glass stone made using silicon dioxide. Don't let that deter you though! Silicon dioxide is commonly found in nature as quartz crystals! 

Orange Calcite


This well-rounded stone is very high energy and positive. It will motivate you in all areas of your life with a heavier emphasis on your creativity. It can help you finish that painting or write another page to your story. Its said to help your physical body integrate with your spiritual body and cleanse both of any negative energies. This bright stone will boost your sex drive and sexual performance as well as increasing vitality and stabilizing emotions.

Calcite is an extremely old mineral, making up most of the fossils we see today. Due to its age, its been used for many purposes, one of which from the ancient Egyptians who crafted many beautiful items out of it due to the relation they believed it had to their goddess Bast. 

Orange Selenite

Orange Selenite.jpg

Orange selenite carries all of the same properties of white selenite but with the added benefit of the properties of the color orange; such as creativity, sexual energy, and positivity. Selenite is a high vibrational stone that carries the energies of the moon and the spiritual realm. It will expand your consciousness and self awareness. Selenite will bring in light and healing to your self, others, and your environment. Its a deeply cleansing stone that will keep the spiritual space around you and within you free from any negativity. 

The orange color in this selenite is attributed to iron oxide that forms from groundwater. 

Orgonite Pyramid

orgonite pyramid.jpg

These special pyramids are made up of resin, metals, and various crystals. It is meant to channel the life force known as "orgone" and hold that precious source within it. Many people love to keep these pyramids in their home or as amulets to protect them from EMF radiation produced from electronics and data sources like Wifi and cellphone towers. Along with this unique property, orgonite pyramids will boost your overall health and immune systems, clear spiritual blockages, and cleanse the space its placed in of any negative energies.

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