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Browse our ever-evolving list of unique and classic crystals; all specially curated by our knowledgeable staff.

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This popular red stone is incredibly vitalizing, breathing life into all things around it. It is like a central fire warming the heart promoting love, creativity, and passion. Carnelian will boost courage and confidence, giving you a chance to really express yourself openly with no fear. This is also a great stone for fertility, trust, and motivation. 

There are ancient seals made of carnelian depicting the mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, as well as other deities from the era. 

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caribbean calcite.jpg

Caribbean Calcite

This eye-catching stone encourages you to stay in the present, keeping your chakras active. It relieves stress and anxiety, soothing you like waves in the ocean. This stone will enhance your psychic abilities, opening your mind and consciousness. It vibrates calming energy, the blues and greens emitting peacefulness and childlike joy. 

Cat's Eye


This unique stone, as true to its name, resembles the eye of a cat. The main magical properties of this stone is wealth and prosperity. It's a perfect stone for bringing in money or recovering lost money. Along with prosperity, cat's eye brings luck and power. Wearing this stone will also promote feelings of generosity and emotional stability. You can also look to this stone for dispelling negative energies. 

This stone is also commonly referred to as chrysoberyl. Many stones can bear a cat's eye design (such as quartz or tourmaline), but chrysoberyl is the only stone that can be called cat's eye without adding any other designation. 

Celestial Quartz

Celestial Quartz.jpg

Also known as "candle quartz", this stone resonates at a very high vibration. Just looking at this stone you can feel the power and wisdom of it. This stunning crystal is great for tranquility, peace of mind, and confidence. It can broaden your perspective on things and give you a more open mind; even helping you overcome feelings of oppression, hopelessness, and despair. Celestial quartz helps connect you to higher levels of consciousness and ascended beings. 

Celestial quartz got the nickname candle quartz because of the numerous growths on its sides, mimicking the look of candle wax drips.



The angelic blue of this crystal promotes peace, tranquility, and divinity. This stone will bring you closer to the ethereal spiritual realm, connecting you to ascended beings of love and light. It can relax your body and soul, brining you to a place of pure peace and content, perfect for meditation and (because of its divinity) astral projection. Celestite will gently motivate and lift you up, giving you the inner strength to continue your journey through life. 

Celestite (or celestine) is translated and derived from the Latin words for sky or heaven. 



This is the perfect stone for healing trauma and emotional turmoil; revealing old childhood emotions and memories. It can help deal with the pain of heartbreak or loss and heal your current relationships. This stone opens your heart to love, compassion, and forgiveness. Chrysoprase is a very gentle stone instilling within you feelings of grace and beauty, trust and kindness. This is a great stone for therapists and other similar professions.



Citrine has very joyous energy, looking at it will give you feelings of happiness, positivity, and imagination. Most well known for its properties of wealth, prosperity, and abundance; citrine has a wide variety of uses. I can be used as protection by warding off negative energies and thoughts, aiding in manifestation. It will energize you for the day, enhance your intuition, and motivate you, giving you the will to complete your goals.

Most citrine is actually heat-treated amethyst or smoky quartz. This, however, does not take away from its beauty and unique properties. Natural citrine is more pale yellow in color. We carry both heat-treated and natural citrine. 

Clear Quartz

clear quartz.jpg

This is the powerhouse of all crystals; the number one go-to for any need you may have. While good at everything, there are some things clear quartz is stronger in. Namely, it enhances psychic abilities and the abilities of other crystals around it. Clear quartz stimulates brain functions, improving memory and concentration. This stone is known for being able to absorb energies easily and amplify or transmute those energies.


Clear quartz is sometimes referred to as "rock crystal." If you are ever in doubt of a quartz' authenticity, look closely for any inclusions or imperfections within the crystal. 

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate.jpg

This stone features jaw-dropping waves of color throughout making it a wonderful stone for jewelry or a mantle piece.  Also known as "the laughter stone" and "happy stone," stimulating the senses and promoting feelings of joy and conscious awareness. Crazy lace agate is a great healing stone as it stabilizes emotions, energizes, helps overcome fatigue, balance all energies, and grounding. Its a great stone of transformation, aiding in making changes in your life and going with the flow of any difficulties you may face. 

Dalmatian Jasper


These fun loving stones will reconnect you with your child-like wonder and innocence. It promotes an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, a perfect stone for meditation or past life regression. This stone encourages an open mind, kindness, and joy. Dalmatian jasper can aid in faith, as well as confidence in your life. 

Dalmatian jasper is not actually a type of jasper despite commonly being referred to as one. It is actually an igneous rock blend of feldspar. The signature black spots are chunks of arfvedsonite.

Dendritic Agate

Dendritic agate.jpg

Dendritic agate is a very stabilizing stone, promoting emotional and spiritual stability. This rare crystal encourages maturity in all aspects of life and helps you keep composure in stressful situations. It can help you analyze your actions and take a deeper look into who you are and what your actions and words really mean. This is a deeply intelligent stone and great for your self-improvement journey.

Dendritic agate gets its name from the vegetative, tree, and fern like patterns that form throughout the crystal.

Dragon Blood Jasper

Dragon Blood Jasper.jpg

This variety of jasper's properties revolve around life. It offers protection of life, spiritual body, and emotions. It is a highly creative stone, great for artists (especially art depicting life). This stone will promote confidence, courage, and strength. It is a great motivator for life, encouraging determination, focus, and adaptability. Dragon blood jasper is very fiery, often noted as a "battle-ready" stone. 

Dragon blood jasper is also commonly called "dragon stone." It is not actually a jasper, despite the name, but a variety of epidote. 



This interesting stone is full of wisdom and self reliance. It will boost mental functions and intellectual ability. It is known to calm the mind and emotions, relaxing harmful emotions like stubbornness that might get in the way of your path. Dumortierite is very supportive, giving the strength to do what needs to be done to get you through daily challenges. 

Dumortierite is used to make high end porcelain. 



These stunning stones are deeply connected with the heart chakra. It brings balance to emotions and heals love and relationships. It brings joy to both romantic and platonic relationships, allowing a wearer to show and receive unconditional love. It's a natural healing stone, perfect for trauma and emotional healing. It's incredibly soothing, inspirational, and vitalizing. 

Emerald is a precious gemstone, growing in popularity as a replacement for diamonds in engagement rings. 

Eye of Shiva Agate

Eye of Shiva Agate.jpg

Agate eyes are very mesmerizing to look upon. They offer enhanced psychic abilities and protection. These are great stones for meditation and astral travel. It can balance yin and yang energies, positive and negative. This stone boosts imagination and creativity, and intuition. Due to its eye symbolism, it's a perfect stone for the third eye chakra; keeping it protected, cleansed, and active.

Fire Quartz

Fire Quartz.jpeg

These are powerful stones of motivation, confidence, courage, and strength. Carrying all the positive characteristics of a fiery personality. It will boost ambition and will-power, helping you realize your self worth and importance in the world. It is a great stone for grounding, as well as creating a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Fire quartz will calm any fears and anxiety; bringing balance to your emotions and life. 

Fire quartz is also called "hematoid quartz" as the red or brown coloring is actually attributed to traces of hematite. 



This is the go-to stone for students, as its the perfect learning aid. It increases all mental functions, improving focus, analytical skills, and clarity. It is also great for clearing away any stress or negative emotions, great if you have a big test coming up that you need to keep a clear-mind about. Fluorite is also used for increasing intuitiveness and stabilizing emotions that may be out of control and overwhelming.  Along with that it can also help regulate your sleep and improve you overall energy.

The term "fluorescence" is actually derived and named after fluorite.  



This stunning green crystal is a great stone for meditation and other activities where you need to relax. It is deeply soothing and connects with the heart chakra. It will boost your intuition, creativity, and optimism. Fuchsite can open any blockages in your system, allowing pure, positive light energy to flow. Its a perfect healing stone, promoting balance and tolerance. It can also help you overcome any co-dependency issues. 



This metallic stone is known to promote deep inner reflections and help you ground out any unwanted or overwhelming energies. Its a stone of transformation, giving you the means to change aspects of yourself and your life. Galena can also intensify any of your intentions or desires; taking them all in and then pushing them out into the universe. 

Galena is the primary ore of lead and has been used for a variety of reasons throughout history. Most people used this stone for aesthetics like pots and ceramics (as well as smelting), but people in ancient Egypt used to apply galena around their eyes to reduce glare from the sun and repel flies.



Garnet is a passionate, fiery stone. It promotes love, romance, passion, and strength. Its bright red coloring is inspiring, giving you the drive and confidence to pursue whatever it is you desire. Garnet can balance several aspects of your life, including your sex life. It has a lot healing power for relationships and love, mending broken communications and reinvigorating old flames. Its said that garnet can signal danger by turning pale. It has also been considered as protection from heavy storms. 

Garnet is the birthstone for January, also relating to aquarius and capricorn zodiac signs. 

Golden Healer Quartz

Golden Healer.jpg

True to its name, golden healer quartz is a powerful healing stone, ideal for any healing workings. Its a very high vibrational stone and can touch into the spiritual realm. Using this stone you can bridge the gap between the two worlds and connect with spirits and guides. It promotes feelings of peace, joy, and creativity. Golden healer quartz is like your light on a dark path, guiding you through to the other side. 

Golden Lepidolite

Golden Lepidolite.jpg

This rare crystal carries a very powerful and high vibration. It is perfect for any spiritual workings, especially meditation and spiritual growth. Golden lepidolite opens any blockages surrounding your chakras, and activates the heart, throat, third eye, and crown. This stone is known to reduce symptoms of stress and depression, relaxing your nerves and mind. It is a stone of awareness, boosting self, cosmic, and spiritual awareness. Golden lepidolite will also bring clarity and boost mental functions. 

Golden yellow and clear is the rarest color to find in lepidolite. 



This clear variety of beryl is thought as the truth stone. Its said that goshenite will bring truth to all words and actions. This stone can boost communication in relationships, aiding in misunderstandings. It is also a stone of self control, will power, creativity, and originality. With its truth powers, it will help you speak your mind and better present who you really are. On that note, goshenite is also a stone of transformation, bringing to light the things you need to improve upon and helping you make those changes. 

Goshenite is known as the mother of gemstones as it's pure and colorless appearance can be transformed to look like many other stones such as emerald and morganite. It is also sometimes used as imitation diamond. 

Green Amblygonite

Green Amblygonite.jpg

This unique stone is great for confidence and self assurance. It will support you in your actions and give you the courage to do what you think is best. It reduces stress and anxiety then encourages compassion and emotional stability. Green amblygonite has high amounts of lithium which promotes calmness, peace of mind, and relaxation. The vibration of this stone will also aid headaches and migraines. 

Green Calcite

green calcite.jpg

These vibrant green stones are known to be very vitalizing bringing happiness and purpose into your life. Its a powerful cleanser, dispelling negative energies and releasing blockages. Green calcite is a powerful heart stone, relating to both the chakra and actual organ. It can help recovery from heart related issues, and clear blockages in the chakra. It is calming and soothing, aids in fertility, promote emotional stability, and helps manifest abundance. 

Calcite is an extremely old mineral, making up most of the fossils we see today. Due to its age, its been used for many purposes, one of which from the ancient Egyptians who crafted many beautiful items out of it due to the relation they believed it had to their goddess Bast. 

Green Moonstone

Green Moonstone.jpg

Green moonstone carries all of the same properties as other varieties of moonstone but with a heavier emphasis on healing, emotional balance, and relaxation. Moonstone, as the name suggests, is closely tied to the moon and so feminine energies. Its a stone of compassion, love, and fertility. Green moonstone in particular is great at stabilizing emotions and relaxing symptoms of stress. It will control over sensitivity and calm you when you are overwhelmed. 

Varieties of moonstone have been used in jewelry for hundreds of years, even including ancient civilizations. 

Green Obsidian.jpg

Green Obsidian

This is an increible, optimistic stone. Its very balancing and grounding, a great crystal to keep around for meditation. This is a very joyful, loving stone; opening your heart to new experiences. Its a great healer for emotional trauma and blockage. Green obsidian is said to cut ties to people or things you no longer want in your life. 

Green Opal


Green opal resonates with gentle and loving energies, promoting harmony and peace. It is closely connected with the heart, its cleansing and rejuvenating; strengthening all types of relationships. It will heal inner trauma and grief, as well as any troubles in relationships. This beautiful crystal vibrates with optimism, imagination, enthusiasm, and love for life. It is a very happy stone that will bring joy into all aspects of life, giving you the motivation to enjoy all things life has to offer.

Black opal is the rarest color, with green opal being among the most common. 

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