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Dried Herb Bundles Collection

Browse our bountiful variety of delightful dried herb bundles; all boasting their own unique and abundant properties. 

7 Chakra Sage.jpg

7 Chakra Sage (White Sage with 7 Color Rose Petals) 

White sage is the most popular cleansing herb; it has the ability to rid your space and energy of negative energies. If you wish to dispel an unwelcomed being in your house, white sage is the perfect herb to burn. White sage freshens up the energy of a space or person making it or them feel light and comfortable. The colored rose petals in this bundle each correspond to one of your chakras. Burning them in tangent with the white sage cleanses and opens up your chakras, clearing them of any blockages and perfectly aligning them. 



Cedar is used in sweat lodge ceremonies for purification and cleansing rites. It can be used in your home and space for the same purpose. Cedar is a great cleanser and will clear your home of negative energies and entities. It can also be burned for use in communication with guides and ancestors, tapping into inner wisdom, protection, and grounding. The energies of the old Cedar trees resonate deep protection and wisdom which can be tapped into when you burn and connect with its vibration. 



Eucalyptus is most well known for its anti-stress and relaxation properties. Burning this bundle of eucalyptus leaves will stimulate your environment and senses with its very distinct and calming smell. It's a great tool for cleansing, purifying, and brining balance. Along with its metaphysical properties, eucalyptus is also a powerhouse for alternative medicine. It is most used for its sinus clearing, other respiratory ailments, and cold like symptoms. 



Mugwort is most popular for its aid in meditation, lucid dreaming, and astral travel. Burning mugwort will help you enter a trance like state where you are most receptive to the spiritual realm and can access other dimensions if that is your goal. Mugwort is great to burn whenever you do any divination or prophecy work as well as it helps open up the space and mind to more spiritual connections. 



Rosemary is a popular incense for stimulating the mind and promoting mental clarity. It can be burned to purify a space, cleanse your aura, and aid in awakening your chakras. Rosemary has also been used to help break bad habits and start new healthy ones, as well as begin a new path in life. It is a great sleeping and dreamwork herb, that when burned before bedtime can help induce vivid or lucid dreams, make dreams easier to remember, and help you sleep through the night. 

White Sage

White Sage.jpg

White sage is the most popular and powerful sage of all the varieties. It is commonly used for its ability to dispel evil spirits and negative energies. It will quickly clear a space of all unwelcomed beings and energies and make a house feel airy and light again. This magical herb can also be used for healing purposes as well, able to undo any mental or spiritual damage that may have been done from attacks, or aid in the physical healing process. 


Rose with Blue Sage

Rose is known for it's connection to love and peace therefore it is burned to promote serenity in a space and used to enhance love spells. Rose has a pleasant scent and is great for creating a sensual and uplifting atmosphere in a room. Rose also can be burned to attract compassion and understanding; a great herb to use in any mediating spells. The blue sage in this bundle adds protective and cleansing properties which is useful in any spell or situation. Burning this blend of herbs will put your mind, body, and space at ease and open them up to love and the beauty of life. 

Wild Flower and White Sage


White sage is famous for its cleansing properties; it has been used for centuries to cleanse a space or person of negative energies and entities, acting as a evil repellant. This wonderful blend of wild flowers and white sage creates a earthy and natural vibe, great for use in any nature based spells or as a stand in for Earth on an altar. This is a very grounding bundle of herbs that will make your space feel safe and comfortable.