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Browse our ever-evolving list of unique and classic crystals; all specially curated by our knowledgeable staff.

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Sardonyx is a strong stone of communication. It will ensure long lasting and happy marriages and relationships as it gives you the strength and compassion to effectively and openly communicate with your partner. Sardonyx is also a stone of protection and will power. It is very fiery and encouraging, bringing you motivation, confidence, and hope. It is said to boost your personal power and keep you grounded but optimistic. Sardonyx is a very effective stone of power and strength, great to add to any spell or working to intensify the desired outcome.

Sardonyx is often associated with the planet Jupiter and the Libra and Virgo zodiac signs.



Selenite's energy is very soft and soothing. It is a great stone for meditating as it bring peace, balance, tranquility, and clarity to your mind, body, and room. Its a high vibrational stone that will help you relax into higher levels of consciousness. Selenite will lift up the energies of a room and make everything feel lighter and brighter. It is very purifying and so can be used to clear a room, person, or object of any negative energies. This stone is self-cleansing and can cleanse other crystals so there is no need to worry about it needing to be "maintained."  

Selenite is a variety of the mineral "gypsum." Some of the largest crystals ever found are of selenite.



These interesting stones are often called "communications stones" as they boost your ability to speak clearly and effectively; you will be able to easily get your thought and opinions across to others with this stone. Septarian also has soothing properties which makes it perfect to bring along with you to any meetings, public speaking events, or just to meet new people. It is very nurturing and grounding, making you feel safe, protected, and whole. This stone will connect you closer to the Earth and will shower you with feelings of understanding, compassion, and positivity. 

Septarian is also known as "dragon stone," and is a type of concretion.



Serpentine is a clarifying stone; it will clear your mind of any negative thoughts and keep you open for meditation, it will also clear up any blockages affecting your chakras. Its said to stimulate the crown chakra and open you up to new spiritual experiences and psychic abilities. It will open the pathways for kundalini energy and will bring your spirit to new realms and dimensions. Serpentine will keep you feeling protected and calm through all of this, symbolically holding your hand and guiding you carefully through these new avenues. 

Serpentine is made into many sculptures and arts, even being used in countertops and drinkware!



This stone is known for its purification properties, being used to purify water. It is also used for grounding, keeping you feeling healthy and clear minded. Many use shungite for protection from negative energies, and from EMFs. This stone also holds ancient wisdom as its been around for many years and so connecting with it can teach you valuable lessons and general knowledge.

In ancient history, shungite was believed to cure a wide variety of diseases ranging from allergies to skin diseases. 

Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz.jpg

This beautiful and mysterious stone is great for grounding and protection. The smokiness of this quartz creates a fog around you making it hard for enemies and negativity to find and reach you. It will keep you grounded to the Earth, preventing you from getting overwhelmed and swept away in all of the chaos of the world. Smoky quartz has an energy that is very comfortable and familiar, feeling like a home away from home; making sure no matter where you are you are relaxed and easygoing. 

In 12th century China, thin smoky quartz planes were used as sunglasses!

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Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian.jpg

Snowflake obsidian is a great stone of balance and grounding. It will keep you from being consumed by overwhelming emotions and passions, allowing you to stay centered and connected to yourself and reality. It is also a stone of purity, able to cleanse your mind, body, and soul. It is a popular stone to include in aura work as it can clear up any negativity and blockages in the aura. Snowflake obsidian will help you stay calm and relaxed in stressful situations and dissipate any unwanted feelings that may come from being challenged or stressed.

The white blotches and inclusions in snowflake obsidian are actually clusters of the mineral "cristobalite."


This is one of the best stones for promoting peace, tranquility, and calmness. If you have racing thoughts or anxiety this is a great stone for you to pick up. It calms your mind and allows for only rational and truthful thinking; making it easier to think of solutions to problems or to overcome anxiety. If you do find yourself getting overwhelmed with anxiety, then sodalite will quell your panic attack and bring emotional balance back to you; bringing you to a relaxed and open state. Sodalite will also aid in boosting your intuitive abilities, enhance creativity, and bring clarity. It's said that if you are looking for objective truth this is the stone to help you find it. 

Sodalite is similar to several other blue stones in appearance but an easy way of identifying it from the others is the white streaks that can be found along it. 




Sphalerite is one of the most energizing stones around; it will dispel fatigue and exhaustion and replace it with energy and vitality. Carrying around this stone will make you feel alert and ready for anything life decides to throw at you. It will also clear your mind and boost your intuition, allowing you to make clear and progressive decisions that will be for your better good. Along with energizing and clarity, sphalerite is also a protective and grounding stone. While giving you the necessary energy to push on through life, it will also insure you don't become too energized and stimulated. It will keep you from becoming too overwhelmed and worked up. 

Sphalerite is named after the Greek word for "deceiving;" named that because of the difficulty of identifying it.



This breathtaking stone is a gem of happiness, compassion, and devotion. It is a very happy and joyful stone, bringing optimism and positivity into your life; helping you see the brighter side of things. Spinel will allow you set aside your ego and stubbornness so you can give yourself freely and openly to another person you trust, giving to them your love and devotion which will then promote them to do the same for you. This stone's never-ending supply of optimism will revitalize you, giving you the chance to grow into the person you were always meant to be.

Spinel comes in a wide variety of colors but the most well-known color is a vibrant pink or red; also referred to as "spinel-rubies."



These ancient fossils hold a plethora of wisdom which can be tapped into through meditation. Stromatolites are believed to be among the oldest fossils we know of, this means it carries thousands of years worth of knowledge that can aid you on your journey. Its said these fossils are stones of transformation, bringing you to higher levels of consciousness and giving you the chance to shed old habits and thoughts that are no longer serving you. It can help you access your past lives' knowledge and ancestral lines. Stromatolite encourages you to find peace within the past and take what lessons you can learn from it. 

Stromatolite shows a record of some of the first ever living organisms on Earth. These fossils consist of many layers of cyanobacteria (or algae) that form into a unified structure. 



Sulemani is a deeply spiritual stone; within Islam it is believed to be connected to Muhammad. This stone will increase and promote psychic abilities and intuition. It is a very popular stone for healers who like to use it in their work as it contains very gentle healing that can deal with matters involving deep emotional issues that manifest into physical illness. Sulemani is also a protective stone, said to keep you protected from the evil eye and other evils of the world. It removes your fears and replaces them with confidence and self-trust. This stone will stimulate the flow of chi energy within your body and keep you aligned to the universe and its fate for you.



The properties of sunstone stays true to its name. Sunstone is a very warm and inviting stone that will promote happiness and warmth in your heart. Its a very important stone solar plexus and sacral chakra work as it harmonizes with the two perfectly. Its a stone of good luck, fortune, and enjoyment. Think of how you feel on a beautiful summer day, sunstone will bring you those same feelings. Sunstone is also a stone of encouragement, leadership, power, and good nature. You will never lose your way or be left in the dark with sunstone around to guide you. It resonates with strength and care, keeping you on your path.

Sunstone has an aventurescence that can viewed when looked at from certain angles, creating a sparkly shimmer.



These other-worldly stones are imbued with high vibrational energies that are unique compared to other stones. Tektite will unlock psychic abilities and mental clarity. It is a stone that is prized for its extra terrestrial energy and knowledge. With this stone you can unlock knowledge that has yet been made known and access lessons that will help you along your spiritual and life journey. It will also awaken telepathy, energize chakras, and remove blockages.

Tektite is glass that forms from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts. The stone "moldavite" is actually a variety of tektite but common black tektite is just referred to as "tektite."

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye.jpg

Tiger's eye is a stone of protection and luck. Many use this stone as a prosperity stone as it gives luck in all areas of your life, it can be beneficial financially. It is a stone that will repel away negativity, in a way scaring negative entities and energies away from you. It is also a stone that will build your confidence and courage, making it so you are more likely to speak out and be vocal about your opinions and thoughts. Tiger's eye brings clarity to the mind so the thoughts you are speaking are well fleshed out and articulated effectively. Its a very earthy stone that keeps you grounded and connected with nature.

Tiger's eye is actually a member of the quartz group; and in some parts of the world is believed to ward off the evil eye. 



Topaz is a very empathic stone that senses your emotions and knows best how to help you handle them. It is a stone of joy, generosity, and fortune. It will dispel any feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression; replacing them with feelings of goodness, compassion, love, and vitality. Topaz can bring you to a point of comfortable self realization and help you discover your inner psychic abilities and feelings. A niche use for this stone is to help dissipate arguments; topaz will bring out the truth and help both parties forgive each other. 

Topaz has a rich history being used since the time of the ancient Romans. It has been used to protect from danger while travelling, ward off the evil eye, cure lunacy and fevers, and enhance mental powers.

Tourmaline Quartz

Tourmaline Quartz.jpg

As you may be able to guess, this stone is all about balance and harnesses yin yang energies. It will help balance out any conflicting thoughts and energies within you, bringing them to place where they do you good instead of harming you. Tourmaline quartz will ground and transcend you at the same time. The quartz brings you to higher levels of vibration and consciousness, awakening psychic abilities. While tourmaline will keep you grounded and from becoming too overwhelmed or separate from the Earth and your journey. This is a great stone to pick up as it is a combination of two of the most powerful and sought after stones.

Tricolor Calcite

Tricolor Calcite.jpg

This stunning banded crystal has many properties as each color of the stone holds its own unique properties. Tricolor calcite has red calcite, green calcite, white calcite, orange calcite, and black calcite. The red calcite brings vitality, energy, detoxification, and confidence. The green brings sense of purpose, drive, cleansing, success, and increased mental functions. The white raises consciousness, cleanses, boost psychic abilities, and connects intellect with emotions. The orange calcite boosts creativity, amplifies energy, increases sexual energy, and radiates positivity. Finally, the black calcite brings grounding (which balances out all of the energies in this stone,) protection, psychic development, and helps you connect with past lives and spirit guides. 



Turquoise is one of the most spiritually connected stones and is highly sought after. It has the ability to align all of your chakras and is able to connect to each one of them for individual work if needed. It will help you discover your personal truth and unlock feelings and traumas that are affecting you unconsciously so you can then deal with them with the help of this stone. Turquoise is capable of dispelling any level of depression and anxiety, replacing those unwelcomed feelings with tranquility and peace. This stone will be very protective of you and make sure you are always okay and safe from negative energies. Due to its spiritual connection, it can also help you bridge the gap between the spirit realm and this one. 

Turquoise has been used as a holy stone for thousands of years; the earliest known use from Ancient Egypt where they inlaid it into grave furnishing. It was also often made into jewelry to protect against unnatural death and was said that if the stone changed color it implied an impending doom. 



This uniquely colored stone is known as a stone of vision. It is most used for its ability to activate the third eye and so awaken psychic abilities, especially those that include seeing. Unakite will bring a sense of calm to your mind and spirit, making awakening a much smoother and fear-free experience. It balances emotions and allows you to dig deeper into your feelings; really getting to understand yourself and emotions. Unakite is also a transformational stone that will help you release all the old things about yourself and your life that are no longer serving your highest good, turning you on to the path of who you are meant to grow into.

High quality unakite is considered a semi-precious gemstone and so is made into valuable jewelry. Unakite is comprised up of pink feldspar, green epidote, and colorless quartz. 



Due to its deep green coloring, vivianite deals closely with matters of the heart; especially regarding healing and releasing emotional turmoil. It is a stone of peace, love, and compassion. It is a great stone for relationships since it will help you overcome any obstacles and traumas that could be affecting your relationship. Vivianite resonates deep love into your body and heart, making you more loving person and healing any heartbreaks or grief that may be there. It will boost your self esteem as it showers you with love and promotes self-love. 

Vivianite was used as color pigments since Roman times; it was found in oil paintings.

White King

White King.jpg

These pure white stones are also sometimes referred to as "white quartz," and symbolize innocence and purity. White king stones are associated with the moon and so will aid in sleep, intuition, and psychic energy. It will reduce mental stress and boost other mental functions, specifically concentration and focus. This is a great stone for late night studying, meditating, or spellwork. This stunning white stone will also purify negative energies within you, your spirit, and your home. If you have a hard time sleeping due to nightmares this would be a great stone to pick up. White king will also bring good fortune, and good health and energy. 

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper.jpg

As is common with most varieties of jasper, yellow jasper is well-rounded and has many uses and properties. It can be used for protection during travel or other areas of life, and protection for your spirit during meditations or astral travels. It will prove mental clarity and strength helping you deal with day to day challenges with a clear mind and strong will and motivation. If you have a hard time speaking to strangers then yellow jasper can help facilitate communication and give you the ability to speak confidently. Yellow jasper is also about "newness;" it will encourage new relationships, new interests, and new thoughts. 

Its believed the tenth stone on the Israeli high priest's breastplate was yellow jasper.



Zeolites are excellent for those practicing reiki or other spiritual healing practices; these stone help with the attunement to the energies within the body and aids in transmuting them into lighter and more positive energy. Zeolite is a great detoxifying stone, ridding your body of addiction, toxins, and other harmful things that there may be. This stone also enhances the effects of healing and speeds up the healing process, both physically and spiritually. While pertaining mostly to the body and spirit, zeolite can also purify and cleanse rooms of negative and harmful energies; creating a perfect space to conduct reiki or self-healing meditations. 

Zeolite is a microporous mineral that is used for many different practical reasons ranging from gemstones, to nuclear waste processing, to cat litter. The usefulness of these stones is endless. 

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