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The Heart Path Oracle Cards

The Heart Path Oracle Cards


Beautifully illustrated with images of animals, birds, insects, plants, esoteric symbols, and transformative myths from around the world, the 53 full-color cards of The Heart Path Oracle Cards offer a gateway to the invisible--a gateway into the path of the heart. Working with the cards, you step through a portal uniting you with your higher consciousness. Immersing yourself in the vivid art on each card—from deer, bison, bluebirds, and ladybugs to platypus, ferns, ankhs, and the Tree of Life—will help you activate and align with loving energies that resonate and confirm your own soul-self.

In the accompanying guidebook, artist Nadine Gordon-Taylor shares the years of research into animal symbolism and world cultures that laid the foundation for her art. She explores how to use the cards intuitively and explains how the deck was designed to reveal unconscious emotional patterns, shift us from old ways of thinking, and resonate with the vibration of unconditional love. For each card, she offers an explanation of its title and symbolism, a channeled message of love, and an affirmation to implement the message of the card in your life. Cards include Programming Your Highest Intentions, Vision Questing, Karmic Forgiveness, Spiritual DNA, and Melody of Thought.

Designed to be felt rather than intellectually experienced, the symbols on the cards are your mentors and offer profound insights to help you along your path. When you choose a card you are intuitively guided to what is most right for you at the moment. Trust that process and know that you are held in the heart of Divine love.

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