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Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers


Discover the power of psychic intuition with this beautiful hardback guide, presented with gold-foil embossing, gilded page edges and delightful illustrations.

Written by professional psychic Sahar Huneidi-Palmer, this captivating guide will help you unlock your innate psychic gifts, tap into your subconscious and strengthen your intuition. It explores classic psychic techniques, accompanied by a host of tips and exercises to practice them in your everyday life.

• Meditation
• Dreamwork
• Affirmations
• Aura and chakra work
• Automatic writing

This inspiring book is the perfect companion on your psychic journey, featuring cloth-look binding, gold foil embossing, gilded page edges, patterned endpapers and beautiful illustrations. It will not only open your mind to these hidden realms but provide insight and guidance in your daily life.

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