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Money Magick Oil

Money Magick Oil


Conjure oils are a versatile and essential tool for your magick workings. They can be used to anoint
petition papers, crystals, and many other ritual objects or tools. Anointing is the act of consecrating, or blessing, an object. It is also a means of purifying and protecting, preparing the object for your personal use. Conjure oils can also be used to dress candles, thus charging them with your intention. All our oils are skin safe and can be applied to your forehead or pressure points to amplify the energy of your workings.


Spellbound conjure oils are made by infusing sweet almond oil with organic herbs, each with its own
special blend and fragrance to enhance the potency and power of your manifestation. The bottle is
dressed with a feather to invoke spiritual wisdom, and a key to open the passageway to higher

dimensional planes and energies.


All of our conjure oils are made in-house and are exclusive to Spellbound.


Our Money Magick Conjure Oil is blended with an array of prosperity herbs to bring money and
abundance from all your endeavors. Anoint a lucky object or talisman to amplify its power. Place on
your wrists before gambling or entering a lottery drawing, or applying for a loan. Anoint paper
currency before placing a bet. Dress a green candle, rubbing downwards to attract money. The
fragrance resembles the crisp, clean aroma of a newly printed $100 dollar bill. Bottle contains 1.5


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