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How to Find The Perfect Tarot Deck

Choosing a tarot deck is a personal and intuitive process, as each deck carries its own symbolism, artistic style, and energy. Here's a guide to help you pick out a tarot deck that resonates with you:

1. Research Different Decks:

- Start by researching the various tarot decks available. There are countless options, each with its own theme, artistic style, and symbolism.

- Look for decks that align with your personal interests, spiritual beliefs, or aesthetic preferences.

2. Understand Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Decks:

- Traditional decks, like the Rider-Waite Tarot, follow established symbolism. Non-traditional decks may deviate from this and offer unique perspectives.

- Decide whether you want a classic deck with familiar symbols or a more innovative and modern interpretation.

3. Consider Your Level of Familiarity:

- If you are new to tarot, you might want to start with a Rider-Waite-inspired deck, as many beginner resources use this system.

- Experienced readers may explore more complex or abstract decks.

4. Connect with the Artwork:

- Tarot is a visual medium, so choose a deck with artwork that speaks to you. Look for images that evoke emotions or trigger your intuition.

- Pay attention to color schemes, artistic styles, and overall aesthetics.

5. Check the Size of the Cards:

- Tarot cards come in various sizes. Consider whether you prefer standard-sized cards or something larger or smaller.

- Handling the cards in person can help you determine the size that feels most comfortable.

6. Explore Different Themes:

- Tarot decks come in a variety of themes, such as fantasy, nature, animals, and more. Choose a theme that resonates with you on a personal level.

- Some decks may focus on specific cultures or mythologies, adding cultural diversity to your readings.

7. Read Reviews and Descriptions:

- Read reviews and descriptions of the decks you're interested in. Other users' experiences can provide valuable insights into the deck's energy and usability.

8. Consider the Deck's Energy:

- Some decks have a distinct energy or vibe. Hold the deck in your hands, if possible, to see how it feels. Trust your instincts; if a deck doesn't resonate with you, it might not be the right fit.

9. Explore Oracle Decks:

- Consider whether you want a traditional tarot deck or an oracle deck. Oracle decks may have fewer cards and follow a different structure but can still offer valuable insights.

10. Budget:

- Tarot decks come in a wide range of prices. Set a budget for your deck and explore options within that range.

11. Choose with Intuition:

- Ultimately, let your intuition guide you. If a particular deck keeps catching your eye or feels right when you hold it, it's likely a good choice for you.


Remember, there's no right or wrong choice when it comes to tarot decks. Your connection with the cards is a personal journey, so choose a deck that resonates with you on a deep level.


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