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Tarot for Self-Transformation

Tarot for Self-Transformation


World-renowned psychic and life mentor Sahar Huneidi-Palmer shows you that it is possible to use the tarot for positive self-transformation in every area of your life.

Using symbology and numerology to decode messages hidden within the 78 cards, Sahar outlines a way for you to discover your life path, identify your strengths and weaknesses and reveal your soul essence. You will be inspired to meet life's challenges and will learn how to rise above them and fulfill your purpose, as well as finding your place in the world.

In the tarot, The Fool goes on a journey through the major arcana cards and ends at The World card - representing his transcendence beyond the earthly to the spiritual plane. You too can undertake this journey of transformation, resulting from the exercises given and the wise counsel you will find in this book.

Tarot for Self-transformation offers a unique and creative approach to this ancient divination art, perfect for anyone on their journey of self-discovery.

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