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Discover the magical potential of runes and how to cast them in this beautifully illustrated gold-embossed hardback.

The word rune means both 'letter' and 'mystery' and these wondrous symbols were gifted to the Norse god Odin who hung speared from the World Tree Yggdrasil in order to gain knowledge of these secret signs. The story of Odin's ordeal shows in what high regard knowledge of these symbols was held. Readers will learn the secrets of the runes in this well-researched look at the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark.

From the history and mythology surrounding the runes to how they are used in divination and as talismans, this guide will reveal myriad aspects to the famous symbols. With the meanings of each rune clearly laid out, instructions on how to cast them and information on traditional ways of working with them, the reader will peer deeply into the mystery the runes represent.

Featuring Wibalin binding, gilded page edges, and delightful illustrations, this wonderful guide will reveal myriad aspects to the famous symbols and how their power can be harnessed in daily life.

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