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How to Become a Mermaid

How to Become a Mermaid


Anyone can become a mermaid. To do so, you must develop the vibration of water in your energy field and learn to perceive as mermaids do. In this how-to guide, Elyrria Swann shares her personal experiences, beginning at age 10, with astral mermaids, water spirits, and other magical creatures and offers wisdom and practical lessons from the watery kingdom to reveal the path to becoming a mermaid.

Swann details how to connect to water as a living presence and awaken to its magic, as she did as a child. Exploring how to develop mermaid energies, she shows how to make friends with fish and develop personal and spiritual connections with them and other aquatic animals, including how to communicate through dreams, meditations, and visions. She explains how to embody the vibration of water in your energy field by integrating archetypes of water spirits and watery concepts such as empathy, unconditional love, eco-consciousness, and stillness. She explores how to develop relationships with astral allies like krakens, gorgon medusas, and selkies as well as protection techniques to use when making contact with spiritual beings. Channeling the merfolk she has built personal relationships with, Swann sheds light on the inner workings of the mermaid realm, offering insight into their innermost thoughts, states of being, and how they live.

Presenting a user’s manual for incarnated merpeople, the author shares the message of the mermaids to help unite the mermaid and human worlds and protect our oceans as well as to help us develop emotionally, evolve spiritually, and ascend to higher vibrational dimensions.

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