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Heal-All Herb

Heal-All Herb


Sold by the ounce.


As the name suggests, the Heal-All herb can be used to cure and aid in all ailments. It was historically believed to have been sent down by God to heal any illness or injury. In practical medicinal use, Heal-All is perfect for any digestive issues, sore throat, treating  physcial wounds, and boosting the immune system; this herb can really be used to treat any problem you may be having.


For any spiritual or spell work, Heal-All is great to add to any healing spells or rituals. You can place them in a poppet to aid in long distance healing, or create potions and annointing oils with it. This herb can be used for more than physical ailments if that is needed, aiding in healing any emotional trauma and breaking hexes. Using Heal-All will along with treatment and healing, will grant additional protection from future  ailments for a time. 

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