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Belief, Being, and Beyond

Belief, Being, and Beyond


We are far more alike than we are different. There is more beyond our own beliefs, waiting for us to open up. Presenting a groundbreaking new paradigm for understanding cultural perspectives, Granddaughter Crow invites you to delve into ideas outside the dogma you may have previously been taught. By exploring your own pre-existing beliefs and the themes various spiritual traditions all share, you can heal thoughts that may be hurting you and others.


Belief, Being, and Beyond uses a variety of spiritual concepts and scientific findings to engage you in deep self-reflection and growth. In addition to sharing inspiring anecdotes from her own life, Granddaughter Crow explores the creation, flood, hero, end-of-times, and afterlife motifs that appear in Christianity, Navajo traditions, and other belief systems. These stories, along with journal prompts, tarot insights, and wisdom from the cycles of nature, help you to truly know yourself and empower you to live with an open mind

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