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Uva ursi has a history of medicinal use dating back to the 2nd century. It has been widely used as a diuretic, astringent, and antiseptic. Folk medicine around the world has recommended Uva Ursi for nephritis, kidney stones, and chronic cystitis. The herb has also been used as a general tonic for weakened kidneys, liver or pancreas. Native Americans used it as a remedy for headaches, to prevent and cure scurvy and to treat urinary tract infections. In fact, until the discovery of sulfa drugs and antibiotics, Uva ursi was the treatment of choice for such bladder and related infections. 

Magickal uses of Bearberry Magickal lore surrounding Bearberry falls into two major areas: Psychic power/divination, and connection with the animal kingdom. Bearberry is said to align a person with their own inner strength, and to help connect with ancestral knowledge. Bearberry is especially favored by those who work with Bear energy. Shamans use Bearberry for shape-shifting magick. Healing (of others) and wisdom-seeking are other magickal properties of Bearberry. 

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