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Watermelon Tourmaline

Today we're going to talk a little bit about watermelon tourmaline! We were fortunate to be able to stock some unique display pieces, beautiful formations in matrix. Watermelon tourmaline aids in lightening the mood by allowing for blissful, joyous energies to shine. They enhance the growth of happiness, and help to uplift the energies of the space emotionally.

These beautiful stones are very similar to pink tourmaline as they embody a strong heart based energy. This allows for the body to relax, letting go of stress and built up tensions.

They can aid in promoting friendship and would be a fantastic display piece in gathering spaces to uplift the mood and conversation. They are also often utilized in jewelry for new and budding relationships!

Because this tourmaline is a combination of colors, it's a little bit different as a healing crystal than that of those colors alone. The pink coloration connects strongly to heart based energies, while green tourmaline helps one to rejuvenate vital life energy.

There are only a couple of these beauties left, so be sure to stop in to grab your unique specimen before they're gone!


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