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Do you have stagnant energy as a result of being mentally stuck in the past or future? Are you struggling with connecting to the present and going with the flow? Do you want more harmonious energy in your life, bringing in a joyful awareness and gratitude? If you can relate to any of these scenarios, then the Unakite stone is the crystal you need in your life.

The ultimate stone for living out the spirit of carpe diem, the Unakite meaning lives up to its reputation, especially with the nickname "living in the now." The magic of Unakite properties is their ability to inspire a sense of urgency as you realize how quickly time slips through your fingers. Meditate with the frequencies of the Unakite crystal meaning and tell it all your dreams, no matter how daring or wild. When you work with the Unakite uses and properties, you can tell it things you can’t tell anyone else because it’s listening and ready to take on your problems.


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