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Titanium Aura

Titanium Aura is a rainbow treatment created through heat and vacuums that permanently bonds titanium to the crystal, infusing the properties and altering the crystal's vibration. This creates a gorgeous rainbow effect. Amethyst with titanium aura carries a higher vibration and sweet soothing energy, which will encourage spiritual expansion and strengthen one's aureole, or auric field.

The layer of Titanium on the Amethyst brings its own properties to the crystal. The treatment not only infuses the metal into the crystal, but also these benefits: protection, courage, and tenacity. Considering this crystal is ideal for spiritual enlightenment and ascension, these properties aid in balance and strength throughout that process!

The color violet is associated with the Crown chakra. Violet has the highest vibrational frequency of colors that are visible to the human mind. Crystals with this coloration such as amethyst are conduits to realms unseen due to this connection, essentially building a psychic bridge. For this reason, amethyst is associated with spirituality, higher realms, and angels.


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