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The Magick Wand

Magick wands have been featured in historical documents since 2278 BC.

The wand is one of the prime tools for some practitioners of the craft. It has been used for centuries in magickal and religious rites, an instrument of invocation and directing energy. The gods may be called upon to watch over ritual with words and an uplifted wand. Many like to call upon the elementals and guardians of the watchtowers with their wand pointed upward toward each cardinal direction, and many will utilize either a wand or athame to open and close a circle. One of our favorite uses for the wand is to draw magickal symbols, such as runes, sigils, and seals on the ground during magickal workings.

We have an all new selection of wands, from gorgeous carvings to handmade wood and sterling silver crystal. We're sure to have something to please every practitioner!


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