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Railroad Spikes and Their Protective Properties

Iron is traditionally used for its protective properties, specifically due to the fact that spirits are thought to be unable to cross a barrier made of this material. Like salt, iron has been used for thousands of years due to its multitude of uses and ease of access.

The use of Railroad Spikes was made popular in defensive magick by the Hoodoo tradition, as many common practices today are. The value of the Railroad Spike comes from the forged iron and the fact that they have been used. Not surprisingly, few practitioners would utilize a shiny new iron spike in their magick with a rusted counterpart being available.

Using Railroad Spikes to Nail Down your Property:

Both homeowners and tenants alike can utilize Railroad Spikes on their property to secure and protect their home and land. You will need a Spike for every corner of your property. Once you have acquired your Railroad Spikes, anoint the metal with an oil of your choosing. Common anointing oils for home protection are: Fiery Wall of Protection, Peaceful Home, or Law Keep Away oil if the property is to be used for illegal activities.

As you are anointing the Spike, focus your intentions on the outcome you would like to see. Envision the protective energies imbuing the iron before driving it into the Earth with a hammer. At this point, you can strengthen this work by placing a silver dime or Mercury dime on the head of the spike. If you so choose, you can then cover the spike with graveyard dirt from the grave of one's own ancestors, calling upon them to protect your property.

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