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Prehnite was first discovered in South Africa by Dutch Colonel H. Von Prehn, thus becoming the first crystal to be named after an individual. It is a silicate mineral, and oft considered a Zeolite formation, however prehnite falls under a different sub class. Much like Zeolite, Prehnite will give off water when heated, although it cannot take water back on unlike its comparison. The two minerals are often found together, forming under hydrothermal conditions as a result of low grade metamorphosis and found most often in the cavities of mafic igneous rock.

Prehnite is one of the rare crystals in this world that connect the Heart chakra and Solar Plexus. When the heart can be connected with one’s drive and willpower in such a way, it opens the individual up to unending possibilities. Prehnite can amplify one’s power of manifestation in this way, aiding the user in making a commitment to their heart’s desire and the strength to carry out those intentions on a day to day basis. Allowing your spiritual path to be driven by your heart’s desire and not your conflicted head and mind enables you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and progresses you along your path of truth and enlightenment.

Dubbed the crystal of the Gods, Prehnite connects you with the divine and higher understanding. Because of that, this crystal is often used for protection, divination and opening the Third Eye.


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