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Moss Agate

Did you know that moss agate isn't actually moss at all? It's a combination of clear quartz, milky white agate, and iron oxides reacting to create the emerald green tendrils that swim throughout each piece. It's as if the fae designed these windows to remind us how our hearts can remain grounded and calm with the aid of Mother Earth.

Here is a lovely tidbit about moss agate and its uses:

"Get closer to nature with the earthly treasure of the Moss Agate stone. Green colors capture the natural vibes of this gardeners delight variety of Chalcedony. This sweet stone can be found across the globe, from the USA to the velvet green depths of Brazil the farm heavy places of India, Uruguay and South Africa, the dusty red roads of Australia, and the far-flung regions of Russia.

Since as far back as the 18th century, British farmers turned to this stone in the belief that it would attract prosperity to the land. European farmers would hang the Moss Agate stone from the branches of their trees and from the horns of their cattle, believing that this good luck talisman would bring a bountiful harvest.

Moss Agate has always been celebrated as a lucky amulet. When placed among flowers they seem to bloom brighter, when kept in the workplace – business seems to boom, and when carried with you, the streams of abundance seem to flow towards you. Moss Agate is a magical stone, its hues bring you back to nature no matter how far away you are. With this stone close by, you breathe in deep the scent of pines, sunlight through shaded trees, and the cooling sound of water running over stone. It’s no wonder that Moss Agate can heal your heart in an instant, can help you stay rooted to the world beneath your feet, and can keep you feeling cleansed and ready for the cyclical changes that are coming your way."


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