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Lemurian Seed Quartz

Lemurian Seed Quartz is a rare form of silicon dioxide mineral that contains horizontal striations and bands across the sides of this clear crystal. It is said that within the striations contains ancient knowledge of the land the crystal was harvested in. Every Lemurian Seed holds within it programming from the consciousness of the ancient civilization of Lemuria - what has been described as the Biblical Garden of Eden. Incorporating Lemurian Quartz into your practice stimulates latent human abilities, allowing the user to tap into ancient consciousness and access clairvoyance and telepathy, as well as increasing one's ability to enter deep meditative states and higher levels of consciousness.

Lemurian Seeds allow one to connect to the collective unconscious of humanity, unlocking levels of the soul previously undiscovered. Aiding in unification, knowledge and wisdom, as well as being a master healer, this crystal is unparalleled in it's properties and uses.


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