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Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean Calcite is a rare, naturally occurring combination of Blue Calcite and Aragonite. It has been called the "Stone of Calm" due to it's healing and mind-activating properties. This crystal calls on the energies of both Aragonite and Calcite crystals to not only stimulate but stabilize the mind. Caribbean Calcite can help you access your higher self through cleansing blockages in your chakra system and clearing your mind of negativity. You could say that this crystal works in a similar way to Clearance, a traditional conjure oil that clears out negativity while raising your overall vibration and connecting you with higher powers. Caribbean Calcite soothes and incites a feeling of tranquility, because of this it has been known to promote restful sleep and induce lucid dreaming due to the mind-opening properties.

Also a wonderful stone for activating ones psychic prowess, Caribbean Calcite aids in ascension to higher vibrations and promotes mindful meditation and trance. The minerals found in this crystal will open your mind and help elevate your consciousness leading to easier channeling. Not only will it open your mind, but the Aragonite compounds lacing the Calcite are incredibly protective - an important aspect to any psychic venture. The Aragonite will protect your consciousness and stabilize your mind as you meditate, divine, or lucid dream.


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