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    This oil can be utilized, simply, to keep the law off of your back! This can aid its user in warding off law officials, arrests, lawsuits, legal issues, and can keep the authorities from involving themselves in your affairs. The goal is to reverse any situations that have been detrimental to you, your freedom, or finances. Anoint your pulse points prior to any court cases or dealings with government entities, on important papers such as summons or notices, or paperwork you are returning to sender, or in the heel of one’s shoe. Line the exterior of your front and back doorways to repel the law from your doorstep.


Law Keep Away



    One cannot encounter Lilith without confronting the archetype of the Dark Goddess. She is a fierce spirit of ancient origin, much misunderstanding has surrounded her for centuries, as is the nature of Woman. She challenges authority and demands self-mastery. Lilith has the ability to cut through the murk and show you all of your truths. A protector, fierce warrior, truth bringer, and symbol of independence, Lilith helps one to come to a point of psychological reconstruction. She is protective of women and those that are held captive by a society that wishes to tamp down their power. She has the ability to make you face fear, weakness, and helplessness with fists raised and a mighty yell. Lilith wants you to be your highest self, strong, independent, assured, and ready to take on the world.



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    Lucky Black Cat Oil was created to revere and utilize the power of the black cat, inviting in the luck of the feline. This oil is ideal for dressing lucky black cat candles, mojo bags, and gambler’s jewelry, charms, and even coins. In Southern traditions, the symbolism of the black cat is considered to be a powerful aid for fast money and the luck of the gambler. In those traditions, to harm a black cat was said to bring ill and misfortune upon whoever dare hurt a hair on that cat’s head. Utilize this oil any time you need some fast money or extra luck!

Lucky Black Cat



    We’ve crafted this oleum with the intention of drawing abundance into your life, Opulence aids in bringing forth that which you need most. Filled with a cornucopia of powerful herbs including nutmeg, cinnamon, and calendula, you will soon find your life overflowing with your desire - be it a fullness of the pockets or heart. Charged within a bed of gold, Opulence is created to aid you in your intent to fill your life with money or happiness, love, business success… whatever it may be!




    This oleum, aptly named after the meadow of felicity, brings you to the meadow of your deepest desires. She will take your hand and plunge you forward onto a bed of plush moss, only to be caught in the embrace of fulfillment and true happiness. This may come from self love, or it may come from the embrace of another. We’ve imbued this ritual oil with rose petals, jasmine buds, rose quartz and more to bring you this powerhouse ritual blend.




    When the monsters come out from under the bed, our Sleep oleum will soothe and comfort you. Allow yourself to be swept away into cotton-candy clouds of wonder as fear and anxiety begin to melt away, leaving you in a dreamland of peace. This hand blended oil is designed to fight insomnia and create an environment of peace for an easy transition from wakefulness to sleep. 

Floral, fruity, sweet - Sleep incorporates a luscious blend of Bergamot, Lemon, and French Lavender designed to quiet the mind and create an environment of peace and rest as you drift off to slumber.




    Imagine walking down the beach on a warm October evening, smelling the scent of burning firewood and crackling sugars over the fire. It's All Hallow's Eve, and the trick or treaters with spilling treat bags dance along the waters, weaving through the rivulets of sweet scented smoke.

This is the essence of Spellbound. This conjure oil is made to enchant those near its wearer and add that extra touch of magick and power. Drop some in your oil burner to make the entire house an enchanting haven, much like our store!



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    The Magician as an archetype in Tarot represents the first phase of creation, the beginning of everything. The complexities of this card relate to every other card in the Tarot Deck, as a culmination of all the tools earned through the tribulations of the Fool’s journey. 

Across cultures there is widespread belief in the existence of a Sky God and Earth Goddess working together to bring about the creation of the Universe. The Magician archetype is representative of this elusive Sky God, a crucial aspect of creation that is honored by many names cross-culturally. Ba’al, meaning Lord in this context, is one of many titles He can be addressed by. The energies of creation are harnessed through this oleum, and are beneficial to anybody seeking aid in the matters of magic, concealment, or business.

The Magician



    This oleum is blessed by Yemoja herself with the intention of bringing healing to the body, mind, and soul. Yemoja holds dominion over the ocean waves, of its healing salty waters, and of the fertile rivers that flow from its core. Yemoja carries within Her the power of cleansing, nourishment, and fertility. Whatever your ailment may be, allow our potent herbal blend of lavender, rosemary, helichrysum, and more to bring you closer to the restoration of your health. We have infused the enormous healing powers of Manuka into this oil blend for it’s history of reversing ailments and inspiring health, as our ritual oil will do for you as well. You may rub this oil in a clockwise fashion over your womb when you are trying to conceive to receive Yemoja’s blessing of abundance.