Conjure Oils by HEXE


    Sometimes life hits you like a freight train in such an overwhelming fashion it isn’t possible to keep up. To quell this anxiety and panic we have developed a powerful aroma therapeutic blend to calm the mind and soothe nerves. This oil has been spelled and charged to aid you in finding peace and tranquility, despite stress and overwhelming emotion. This oleum pairs fantastically with our Tranquility tea, a powerful nervine blend to help stop panic in its tracks.

   Sweet and floral, Anti-Anxiety calls on the properties of Bulgarian Lavender and creamy vanilla. Undertones of amber and sandalwood balance the freshness of lime to entice your senses with the essence of tranquility.




    Inside this vial is a carefully crafted oleum designed to help you reach higher knowledge, insight, and guidance. Divination is a powerful mind-opening tool infused with the properties of passionflower, mugwort, cornflower and more. Follow your calling for higher truth with this aromatic ritual oil and see what guidance the stars have in store for you!



fiery wall of protection.jpg

    Traditionally, this oil has been used to create a barrier between the person using it and any evil that may come. It works especially well against enemies and in home defense. Fiery Wall of Protection is designed to protect your personal energy from intrusion by creating an energetic shield of protection.

   This form of defensive magick calls on the element of Fire to strengthen your energetic field while preventing outside forces from reaching you. Our handmade blend of this oil also incorporates traditional offerings to connect you with higher forces and respectfully request protection, while reminding you that you are not alone.

Fiery Wall of Protection



    It’s a quiet New Moon evening as you observe Hecate’s Deipnon, leaving offerings for the restless dead and the Goddess herself. Queen of the Crossroads and guardian of the Gates, Hecate arises from the Underworld to bless you and thank you for your offerings. Known as the Mother of Witches, she aids you in matters of magic, wisdom, and contacting the Otherside. Hecate bears the torches, acting as a light in the darkness to guide you to your path. Her cloak is the Night, Her torch is the guiding Light. This oleum was crafted in offering to Hecate, and can be used to connect you with the Goddess, inner truth, and bring light to a situation. This oleum will also connect you to spirits not of this world, as Hecate opens the gate to other realms. 




    Harness the power to open the door to the other realms, creating an avenue for communication with higher spirits and dimensional beings alike. With respect and reverence we call on the elements to aid us in our venture - seeking contact from beyond the veil. This oleum is full of powerful properties, from wormwood and mint, to being charged with onyx and labradorite. A powerful blend for a powerful purpose, this oil will aid you in communicating with spirits, deities, and guides, while protecting and grounding you as you do so.

   Warm and smoky,  notes of cinnamon and clove, creamy vanilla, and smoky fire create an incredible blend that won’t disappoint you or the spirits with which you seek communion.




    Clearance oil is used to clear out any negativity attached to you while refreshing and invigorating your energy field. It is designed to call on benevolent spirits or guides to assist you in clearing up the problem that ails you. Use this oil to eliminate problems and banish negativity, to clear out stagnant energy, and when a fresh start is needed.



dragons blood.jpg

    Dragon’s Blood has been used for centuries as a powerful consecration oleum, protector, bringer of good fortune, and power amplifier. It is all around powerful, and absolute necessity in any witch’s repertoire. It has been known to be used as an ink due to it’s red colorant in love spells, protection, curses and more. It can also be used as a substitute for blood in spell work.

   We crafted our Dragon's Blood Oil with traditional recipes in mind, and steeped it in Dragon's Blood Resin. The spicy, sweet citrus notes of this oil will draw you in, and the versatility of this powerful "cure-all'' will soon make it one of your favorites.

Dragon's Blood


go away evil.jpg

    Go Away Evil incorporates a powerful blend of protective and exorcistic herbs to banish evil from your life. Do you feel that evil entities are draining your energy? Low vibration individuals stealing your life-force? Have you been hexed or cursed? Go Away Evil oil is specifically designed to cast off these evil forces and ward you from attack. This oil utilizes hot foot powder to send enemies running for the woods.


Go Away Evil


high john the conquerer.jpg

    High John Root has been used in magick for years to bring general success into your life. It is typically used in cases where you must outshine and overpower your competition. Infused with jalop and whole high john root, we have imbued this root’s properties into an easier-to-use form to allow the user to conquer any obstacle that comes their way.

   Typically used in money magick and to draw in clients, or as a general purveyor of success, this oil can also be used for confidence and success in the workplace, improving your dating life, and any other area of life that you feel blocked or need that extra push. This oil is all about reclaiming your personal power!

High John The Conqueror



    A traditional Louisiana Hoodoo oil, our Jezebel oleum is known for its prowess in attracting wealth, persuasion, and dominance. It will give the user a favorable position in all matters of love and business, and is perfect when trying to control a situation involving finances or love. Because of these properties, the oil has been traditionally used by sex workers to attract wealthy clients and ample business. We have infused the oil with true jezebel root, and included a curio in every bottle.